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Galactic Federation ~ Resource Guide ~ A New Perspective of Future Earth Schools

Greetings dear lighted ones,

One exciting role that I am here to play is one of inspirator of new perspectives, new musings, new ways that we can, as an ascending human dynamic family, create potentials to unveil higher vibrational ways of living and behaving. I knew early on in my awakening that what I would allow myself to flow within, to tap into, to remember would be of benefit, to not only my own path of Christed remembrance, but to those that also experience, sense, and have similar experiences of awakening, Divine entanglement, and know within themselves that our daily unfolding is within us to change, and that our children are worthy of transcending the limiting constructs we have create.

The Christed consciousness from within, as we have offered in many writings, channels, and live weekly radio broadcasts, is one that is every aspect of human life; a birthright. This is our Divine birthright to explore, experience, and express for the co-creation, the sharing, and evolution of our entire omni-presence to also take part in. For remember, although it may appear as if we are singular and on our own, we are very much threaded, entangled, and One within the All, and that which as one awakens and explores, will also discover this Oneness of the omni-presence within. These self-reflective observations allow us to then alter our out-dated beliefs steeped in fear, steep in self-doubt, and to come to life renew ones perspective of oneself and of the world in which we exist within and how dynamic we are as contributors to the world that is seemingly 'without.'

As within, so without, and change always begins, ignited, and inspired from within first.  We are now becoming consciously aware that we are able to create new ways, new behaviours that will offer us each new reality experiences in our daily unfolding, and some of these 'new potentials,' seem so outside what has always been done, that to others around you, others seemingly quite happy in old paradigms, that you may have lost your sense of balance and normality.  In awakening, this is a good thing.

It requires one to truly unravel, unnerve, and shake up what was, to truly see the illusions and begin demystifying the here and now and make the seemingly monumental changes that alter every aspect of ones life anew.  This is human evolution and it is unfolding within every fabric of our socio-economic foundations and it is required. For we have been stuck behind walls of vast limited illusion, greed, controlled systems that only serve the very few, and all lead by the human agreements in misunderstood dogma and timelines of ego-driven imbalance. We now re-write a new human story.

Creating balance, harmony, peace, and joy within our homes, our walls, our family rooms, and our schools, and communities, requires that we begin going within and truly understanding that we are multi-dimensional beings of living eternal, ever-evolving light. Since the moment of any Creation, from the most innate Source Creator essence, began in cycles of love-light. We too are evolving through love-light, and the more we resist this cycle, the harder and more challenging it will be. This is what our eons of separation from spirit, separation from Source has allowed us to experience and explore; and however dynamic, profoundly required, and interesting these roles, rides, and explorations were to the overall scheme of Creation, it is now in which we must all choose our path of preference, for timelines and grids are accelerating and it requires that we becoming ever-aware of our conscious creations.

We are each here to experience, explore, and express the Divine within, and in our most authentic soul expression, in our most Divine and Heavenly truthful soul offering, we allow the rest of the Creational wheel to continue in its natural evolutionary cycle of light. This is why 'letting go' and surrendering is such a powerful tool in flowing within Divine receptivity and utterly trusting that you know what you are doing and who you are as a Christed Divine essence in human form coming forth to co-create a Heaven upon earth that has never been experienced thus far in any human experience.

I am an awakener, I am a visionary, I am a mother of 3 dynamic crystalline children, I am a Christed healer and speaker of light, and I myself have also come as a crystalline child in a time in which spirituality was entrenched in deeper dogma and limitation than we have now.  In only my one unique soul story, there is enough catalyzing inertia to create something truly unique and profound. This is why I feel and sense such excitement in knowing, and with great certainty that our human family will, and is ushering in new heart-felt urgings for inner peace, joy, and balance.  There are few that do not feel the ushering of this energy beneath the floors of Gaia and within the hearts of us all as a collective and why change simply must take place.  So many desire a sense of inner wellness, and self-love, self-honour, that can only be experienced from the eternal journey acknowledging and claiming the God within and truly 'letting go of all fear and limitation.'

In these soulful Universal agreements within my blueprint, I often am surprised and delighted with the many miraculous visions, offerings, channels, and tapping in from other beings, other councils that each of us work within in other dimensional experiences, and that we are all a part of; and as I do, I excitedly bring forth to remind others. These are what we have called 'soul threadings,' and are the golden Divine entanglements that you have birthright to call upon, to bring forth, and thread through your now life in new and loving ways.  These threadings can be gifts, knowings, wisdoms, or skills that remind us how truly multi-dimensional we are, and to release, allow, flow, and anchor anew by behaving, acting, and living in higher expansive and sacred ways that honour all of Creation.

We have purposefully veiled ourselves of our Heavenly existence so that we can bring forth authentically the quantum ignition when awakening does occur, for we all knew at the highest of our Creation, that we would awaken, that we would begin anew, and that we would soar and ride God's breath of life in new dynamic Heavenly human ways. Veils are required and needed to play the game in which we all choose to play for our own evolutionary soul stories, to assist in serving Creation, to assist in serving ones souls on the dynamic essence of God within all things, all beings, and all life, and how we are able to experience and BE this love in new experiential ways.  It is the heart-beating, pulsing of love that we desire and will serve, will create, and where will, power, and love come together and spiral within a new transmutation of something utterly special and unique.

We are here to remember, ignite, and flow within our own light, and in doing so, we offer this within our crystalline grids, Gaia, and all life forms, consciousness, and becomes a consciousness anchor through which our existence is forever changed. Within what I experience with my own crystalline children, and with my own experience as coming here as a crystalline child, and with the many multi-dimensional and Heavenly experiences, my first Pleiadian contact experience at a very young age, and the myriad of times in which I ran from, resisted, and allowed fear to override joy and the inner love that was my birthright to claim and co-create within; all of these experiences allowed me to be, become, and truly honour and flourish as the healer, mother, and teacher, that I am in this moment, and so all is purposeful and allows me greater knowing and reverence of this Heavenly human ride.

Experience is rich and can allow moment-for-moment life to come through in colours one has never felt, and why appreciation of self, love of self, and stillness in this presence can be so very rewarding of the journey that is offered. In every time that I pushed out of consciousness, or suppressed what was trying to get my attention, my teams lovingly came forth with something new to remind me;  'time to begin anew Joanna, are you ready to co-create?' My teams, God, Mother Father and Source Creator never gave up on me, and when I was in the most lowest of low states of being, I felt the resonance of God ushering me to believe in the light that was aching to be rebirthed from within. It is within the essence of the all in which we experience the sparks of God in all things, for we are there.

One can only experience a new reality when one steps outside of all that was, and in the opening of heart, with purity of intention to be ones innate Divine self, or to experience the God within, the heart will guide you and truly majesty will unfold.  The childlike wonder, and exploration to simply begin will begin a Universe that will converge upon you to bring you exactly what you require, this is benevolence, this is God.

As a mother, when I decided to homeschool two of my children, we knew that there would be some that would simply not understand, or now know what or how this could be done. I understand because of what I show myself in other multi-dimensional perspectives, and keep this inner knowing as faith to my choices, to our steadfast inner knowing that we are creating something new, and as many times as I have offered this one statement, it will continue until each is moving freely within their Christed exploration and birthright to explore; 'we are creating something anew, and it won't look, or be like what was. We must step beyond and begin anew. What are you excited to explore?'

To me, homeschooling was never taking the 8:30am-4:30pm school day and bringing it in my home and creating a smaller version of limitation and structure. I am satisfying those in my agreements, and our discussions, our movement through this new way of behaving is in constant evolution and ebb and flow, and I release expectation on any outcome. Our society has been so entrained with grading, evaluating, judgment, and honour systems based on material achievement, and accolades, however very little is taught and/or based upon the liberation and freedom to explore, examine, experience, and be the Divine God within, and how truly triumphant this alone is to living in pure peace, balance, and joy of being alive.  True self-confidence, true inner peace is through the loving flow of knowing one is safe, loved, honoured, appreciated, valued, and needed in all ways. This level of safety, this level of grounding, and inner knowing is what is missing within our new generations and why the children react, behave, and feel the way that they do. They are not taught connection and assimilation with their multi-dimensional bodies, with spirit within, and with their innate wisdom and Divine presence that is naturally who they are. They sense, the read, the intuit such fear that ripples within energetic imprints, within the families unaware, suppressing their own fears, and we simply must begin to dig in and love, allow, and heal for the foundations of all children.  For these future children of all futures earths are you.

Stepping beyond what was can be done in small and easy steps every moment. Every moment you choose to love, to lighten up, to allow, to let go of obligation, to let go of schedules, calendars, and 'have to's are powerful ways in which you will very soon see the fears, and illusions you set yourself under to break free anew.   Stepping beyond the daily 'treadmill' is the challenge that each of us must face and we will all do so in the way that feels best, that feels innate 'us' in our own unique ways, and in our own unique pace, and however long we suppress these changes, the bumpier the ride will be, for remember, we are living upon new grids, new energy within our omni-presence, and it ushers benevolence, and oneness, and unity, and will support all flowing in the innate of the Christed light within; as explained in other articles; the Christed consciously is innately liberating, free, creative, loving unconditionally, compassionate, joyful, playful, sacred, honouring, eternal, multi-dimensional, and so much more. All that God is, Divine Mother and Divine Father, is the Christ consciousness stirring within and we will be ushered to remember such loving and liberating frequencies of existence so that we may begin anew.  This is the essence of our human evolution dear ones.

I see, I sense, I am personally being ushered to 'move on' and to now go further within a new way of behaving and letting go of even more structure, to release any restriction in my life to further trust the inner faith I have built and created over eons of Divine cosmic and earthly life; God is within and I know what I am doing! I have a sense that these offerings may assist and serve others that so desire to break free of daily restrictions and treadmill behaviours in which the children will fight every step of the way because they know in their hearts it is not working.  Their hearts ache for liberation and expiration.  The children are ushering us to think beyond, to go beyond, and create and in profound ways we come together as One new family ready to live as the light essence of God upon a new planet ready to thread with us like never before.  Are you ready to imagine? Are you ready to simply let go of distraction, and flow, surrender, and feel the breath of God take you to somewhere new? This essence of love truly is alive within you and IS the light of life.

Dimension is vibration and information. If you desire a higher dimensional life, one must be, act, call forth, behave within a new vibrational resonance and the information flows forth.

As I co-create, I attune to the collective energy before offering a weekly topic. If I am seeking guidance, or information, or asking my own wisdoms to come forth in my role as a mother, I attune to the highest and best that serve Mother Father God, and open to the highest frequencies of light, of our soul contracts to serve the benevolence, and open to receive. In doing so, I always receive. Always. These are practices that I am now offering to my kids, and so they too can begin to speak to ask, and to commune with spirit in their unique ways.  However these new ways of behaving must simply just begin if only it may appear to be the smallest of changes throughout ones day; just begin. It will ripple new intent, new quantum excitement, and new light within our grids that go unnoticed and unseen until enough light is emanated that inspire global, reality shifts awaken new light encodations that feed our souls in the most glorious ways.

Our collective, our human family, our human experience has been disconnected, disengaged from Source for far too long, and it takes each one of us to let go of the fear to walking a new walk, something that is entirely different from all that we have done. We are truly re-writing a new human story, a new human song, and it is meant to feel new and unknown. Allow yourself this acknowledgement so that stepping onto a new field of play will be exhilarating and not fearful. Change is the catalyst to something new.

Change is a moment of choice, and then honouring who you are enough to follow through and begin. Utter unconditional faith and trust that God, that your Divine Sacred Mind, your Higher Self, Creation, and all councils of light are supporting us every step of the way, and TRUST you know what you are doing and begin.

In our human understanding, in our human experiencing of the limitation, fear, and control in every facet of our socio-economic system, moments of trepidation creep in, however the heart is so much more powerful and profound and one simply knows, a parent, a guardian, a mother simply knows when your children ache, yearn, and crave a new and deeper meaning of entanglement and engagement. Our children are showing us in every way that is is clearly time for change. A new story, a new beginning, a new song simply must begin.

And so, this morning in my communion with my teams, I sat with a clear intent to seek a vision, or a knowing about other offerings in other realities, other dimensions, that could assist me to open to greater flow and move in a direction that made sense to what my heart was ushering in regard to greater balance, inspiration, and knowing in our love and light center.  Every parent has moments in which we feel so inundated by what we see around us, that change seems unsurmountable. I get it. We all experience the sensation of the 'treadmill.' However my desire to see and experience with my children to be deeper and more meaningful catalyzes a new intent.  I was immediately aligned with a female counter-part upon the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation are responsible for many of the light inter-galactic centres in which we may define as what we have 'schools' however they are not this at all. I have seen visions of these centres and have termed them 'transition stations' in which children from all over the galaxy come to learn, acclimatize, explore, and gain experience and resource wisdom so that they are able to move about their excitements with greater flow and Divine ease in remembrance of what resides within.

For the purpose of providing an understanding for visualization, we will offer that these inter-galactic light centres are places in which children of many planets, hybrid systems and programs come to explore, be guided somewhat, and free to express All that they are to flow in way of their Divine excitement. As mentioned earlier, part of my role is to inspire, empower, and encourage new potentials so that we may also see beyond what we have now, to perhaps think outside the box and muse about evolutionary concepts that may be of benefit in the myriad of transformations we are experiencing as an ascending planet and human family.

I am gifted through my visionary experiences and through these moments of inter-stellar, multi-dimensional potentials, to then bring forth as potentials for our earthly experience. For as we arise to create new multi-dimensional living, expanded, peaceful, harmonic, and healthy potentials, we are required to truly step beyond all that was and let go of 'what others may think or say' and simply begin. There are quantum particles of God that are moving within this conversation about your multi-dimensional bodies more uniquely now than before you started reading for there is innate truth, or an excitement, or a remembrance that is deep within awaiting acknowledgement to bring forth and spiral within a new cycle of light for humanity and Creation.

When you see, feel, or are bringing forth experiences that show you things are out of balance, and the children are showing you there is cause for deeper compassion, then we must bring a new way of behaving, a new way of understanding ourselves to resolve the dissonance that unfolds through mismatched vibrations and imbalanced minds, bodies, and spirited expression.

As I was asking for guidance in my own life, in my own experience, and as I read out aloud on our weekly #KCORGlobal Ascension show, this lovely female counterpart from the Galactic Federation come through and gifted me with a more expanded view of what they create and co-create. This was gifted because as each of us step outside and begin anew, these vibrations send ripples to what we create on other frequencies that we are not quite able to see, experience yet, but that our excitement, intent, and Christed expression assists in template creation through the All.

Her name is 'Isme' pronounced ~ Eyes-Me, She is a Resource Guide, similar to that which I am now offering here upon earth. To assist in my inner ache with what I see, experience and desire for my children; greater liberation is so very key to spirit creativity and threading with the God within. In our traditional schools, we have taken all aspects of understanding spirit, understanding God within, understanding Oneness, and creative elements are being drained in every budget, it is no wonder our children feel numb.  We are each here to create change, and this is what I was reminded;

Here is 'Isme's' offering to me;

Galactic Federation ~ Isme, a Resource Guide
We support their missions.
When we infer 'missions' we truly mean that these children come with an inner drive to explore.
They know at a very early age of their excitement and are free to explore without being placed within confinements of beliefs, and out-dated modules in which continue the limitations your society has created and moves within.

Allow them to be guided and reminded of their access to the All, to God, and to the wisdom, the Divine intelligence within their hearts, for they are the masters of their own ship. They are the engineers, they are forward thinkers, remind them. They will remember.

You are dearly loved, we support you.

As a mother, as a grown crystalline child myself, as an awakened Divine feminine, and traveller of many star systems, a teacher, and resource guide within other frequencies, I am passionate about what excites me within and know our future timelines are within this now moment in choice to create it. I choose new. I choose light, and I choose liberation for such a dynamic experience to be here to offered to our children that are truly creatively beyond what we have always done.

To feel balanced within, to feel in harmony, and peace, and free for each person, every child, to explore the Divine gifts, excitements, and to creatively uniquely express, is our Divine birthright and what our entire planetary ascension is ushering us to see, act, and being anew. We are meant to be liberated and free to co-create with loving joy, creative bliss, and exaltation to be uniquely all that we are.  Children will remember what already exists within, but first we must have courage and inner knowing that we are the ones to ignite such profound behaviours of new and know, utter trust, that these steps now, these new beginnings will pave the way for light fields in which a new higher dimensional earth shifts within our hearts of flowing joy.

In this dear lighted ones, may you dream your life alive. May you create moment-for-moment new choice to liberate what is, and set your hearts free, for as you do, the children see the example of love light that you set and will follow the way in their hearts. May you experience the life, the daily unfolding that is dreamy and wish filled for this is how it should be.

Join our website weekly and begin to move about our myriad of free resource offerings to help inspire the path of new earth living. Families, light workers, healers, and leaders of a new dawn, we are here and we arise anew! And so it is.

Blessings and loving joy,
May you be at peace in your heart ~ you are needed and required in every way and every child should know this in all breath, in all movements about earth.  We are each children of God, and if we all innately knew of our Oneness, of our eternal threading with Mother Father, with the Source Creator, then we would never desire to hurt, or bring harm to anyone or anything. It is time to sing a new human song.  The children of the future are you. The children of the future is me, is us, and it is time to perceive ourselves as the Christed Creative beings that we are and create anew.

Our edited version of our weekly KCOR offering ~ weekly ascension radio show can be found here and tune in with us as we illuminate new light fields of play, love, and sacred co-creation. 

Grand and recurring topics for their profundity in reality creation ~ 'BALANCE' * Co-creation for the New behaviours to ripple new reality experience of freedom, liberation, creative expression.
Enjoy and share the light within ~
WE are the change and all ripples to Creation for every other thread of dimension to live and be lifted by the ALL that we are in faith, trust, and joy to live from our hearts. 

A new reality experience is the beginning of it in all moments you choose to step outside of 'what was' and into 'joy'
Blessings and great joy,


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