Monday, 12 March 2018

Storytelling & Profundity of Joyful Action

Greetings dear lighted ones,
Here is our Divine offering from Saturday's global, Universal Sacred Soul Tribe gathering and communion with #KCORKCOR Digital Radio Network
Topics; 'Storytelling & the Profundity of Joyful Action'
Saturday ~ 'Storytelling & the Profundity of Joyful Action'
Joanna takes us on a review of the importance and purpose of human storytelling, and how our evolution of communication will shift, will expand, and change how we are being ushered within new human paradigms to unveil the intelligence, wisdoms, by not only calling upon our ancient history, ancestors knowledge and traditions, but to also add our ascending human cosmic light and intuitive knowings. 

** MARCH 10/2018 **
We are at an important crucible in our human cycle, and this current of creative manifestations will allow so many to create anew and that will serve the greater good. 
Storytelling in the NOW, and how the NOW is the inspirations for future 'you's' and how crystalline children and generations are celebrating our every light-hearted choice to joyfully move beyond limitation and fear. 
Share your story, share your light, and know you are forever rippling through Creation as a light and spark of the Divine in human form. 
Thank you and blessings

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