Thursday, 6 April 2017

New Manifestations ~ ARE YOU READY!

Greetings dear lighted and shiny ones,
So many reasons to be in joy! It has been a very busy and fast paced week and feel the ground moving beneath my feet to propel us ever upward and onward. Are you sensing that so many are tapping into the 'new paradigm' of belief that we have inspiring and how this 'new paradigm' of belief, this new way of behaving is the key to create the new grids, the new light field, the new anything you desire? Because it is!
Now that our grids have been re-structured if you will, you can sense that the support, the embedding is of a different calibre, a new rotation of gifts and energy encodings to also allow you to bring your birthright into plain view for the taking. So how may you tune in and align with every now moment to see, to sense, to become fully aligned with your majestic gifts and potentials?
Allowance, surrender, and joy!
The simple keys to allowing the Divine Source within to come forth and play ~ the Divine Inner Temple can allow you to sense and tune in to all that is spiralling forth to entangle & bring about grand change and transformation. Creating a gentle focus and creative intent is how you lovingly pierce excitement into the light field and watch the majesty unfold. I have been practicing these very steps in my own life and have seen an incredible transformation over the past few months. Manifestations and the majestic truly surfacing out of the blue! 

These are magical times dear lighted ones,
Are you ready for the magic carpet ride?
Blessings and great joy ~ 
Tune in on Saturday for our special lightship update and session on Excitement ~ tune in for our monthly meditation for those who so desire! 

Tampa is coming up in less than 90 days.....wanna meditate on the beach at sunset and invocate love and light with the cetaceans and ocean Gaia energy? Me too! I am so there! Join us for this special Tampa ascension, first contact, loving alignment event!

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