Monday, 3 April 2017

Crystalline Joy

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Miracles begin when you know they are a part of every moment blessings and a birthright to experience.
How may we create?

We are beginning a new path of light and exploration. This weekend we announced a special unique journey to explore light, crystalline energy, and our human potential with the launch of our Universal Light Wisdom Centers, that will be the energetic foundation of global light wisdom and healing for the new heightened and illuminated galactic human. 

These teachings will inspire those who so desire to begin a new path to align with the Divine Inner Temple through Divine manifestation in all things. Manifesting with light, manifesting with Divine intelligence, and how to align with your highest Divine blueprint potential. These centers are for the Universal child of all ages, all levels of awakening. 

This is all in alignment with our most recent youtube video from an article about my energetic musing over the past few years about starting my own higher dimensional school, however I wanted to create a name that truly emulated what it would offer and emulate; Universal Light Wisdom Centre is much more aligned with what the core purpose and excitement will be.  I have seen these centers in my visions and in correspondence with off world assimilation centers that work in tandum if you will to cross educate, empower, inform, and inspire higher dimensional wisdom, light wisdom, Source unveiling and the true transformation of emerging the integration of our whole Christed self.  How our collective was intended within the grander Universal evolution desire from Mother Father God.  We are all meant to live our passions, our excitements, and our truths, in alignment with the Divine Inner Temple as our understanding to manifest, create, align, and explore energy and all that we are as multi-dimensional beings of light and to prepare all future earth foundations for the light children, crystalline children generations from now of higher vibrating genetic systems.  
Here is our youtube that explains a little more on why joy, play, sacred exploration with light, and happiness is our birthright and that all children require to come to life in a new way;

This is the initial beginning and although I have no idea what, how, and when these centers that I see in my vision will unfold, I trust the Universe and Mother Father God. These centers will provide all those that are excited to learn, align, and unveil their unique light gifts, excitements, in a way that steps beyond limitation of structures, confines, out-dated programs in every way. I mean every way. The children will guide and direct their own unveiling, the guide will align with theirt unique talents and gifts in explorative ways that excite their inner senses and Gaia will be a part of our very foundation. 

Here is the excerpt of our show this weekend with my very special guest star child; Hannah ~ my crystalline daughter of light, and our off-the cuff conversation about what a school may look like;
In light and love,
Here is our link to the page to explain more;
Enjoy and have fun on your unfolding ~
Blessings and great joy,

Join us on Saturday April 8th for our monthly ascension class ~ children of all ages welcome!

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