Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Crystalline Child Interview ~ Indigo Child Awakening

Greetings and good morning dear lighted ones,

The Crystalline energy is beginning to spark all over our globe and know that even in your inspiration to ignite it within, you begin to pull and magnetize new beginnings and people, situations, circumstances to you.  We are manifesting at incredible speeds, and allow the fears and trauma to truly drop and let go ~ for we are spiralling within the unimaginable.  

How are your enjoying, self-loving all that you are and all that you do. 

Do you create daily, moment-for-moment self-honor, self-gratitude and exaltation with the light that is within. You do not have to create it from nothing. There is that God spark, the God seed, the essence of pure inner joy and knowing that you are required here, you matter, you are a part of this grand version of a new earthly and human story and you simply must be awake to take part.  

Such profound times in light, in love, and the energy essence from within all will allow you to know you are threaded within the Divine loving family of something so new.  Never seen, felt, or known before ~ we are here to create LOVE!
Join in our soul family gatherings and lighted Christed energy offerings; 
JUNE 24th TAMPA ~ Ascension, Universal Child, Universal Awakening 
Do you create that self-appreciation that aligns you with your Divine essence, limitless gifts, 
Our limitless gifts of what is unfolding & how self-excitement is affecting the new reality you experience; 
Here is our Divine Crystalline Child youtube * My special entanglement radio interview with my Crystalline child Hannah and how we are discussing the birthing and coming to life of our energetic children of light.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfDj2LrtVPY

The Crystalline Child ~ we are preparing and refining in every way and how all that we are is creating the threads of freqeuncy in which we are upon transition stations, or accilimatization stations that will help prepare the Universal family as well as us for Universal play, travel, and Oneness in a way that humanity has never experienced before. 
Blessings and great joy,

Here is our link for June 24th to join us in Tampa

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