Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ Sacred Living * NEW

Greetings dear lighted ones,
I have created a specific portal of live radio offerings for those that so desire specific energy and wisdom vibrations with Divine Sacred Living, Multi-Dimensional Parenting, Healing the Human Family, Indigo Children, and much more.

Here is our live radio link; and will hope to create live weekly shows when I am available and inspired to entangle etherically and Universally in the joy and excitement of unveiling within our new human experience.

My blogtalkradio will be raw and organic in my own personal experiences as healer, mother, energy lightworker to bring forth my own personal story, ascension and awakening tips, tools, my own personal essence in a very grounded and practical manner for parents, guardians, parents, and care-givers seeking in the moment energy updates and practical tips for navigating such profound and dynamic ascension times.  Our soulful offerings will always resonate in the highest loving vibration of Oneness, Unity, and self-acceptance in this incredible human journey ~ join the fun!

Join us at 12:00pm MST noon for our first podcast! Looking forward to a whole new offering in Sacred Living with you all.

KCOR weekly shows will still continue and will be a more advanced, deeper, wider array of cosmic, quantum energies and knowledge.  These weekly KCOR shows will continue to approach ascension and human potential from a wider, Universal perspective, diving deeper week after week for healers, light workers, and expansive wisdom, knowledge, and vibrational encodations in these Universal sacred soul tribe gatherings.


blessings and great light,


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