Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Divine Feminine Offering to Worthiness in Divine Receptivity

Good Morning dear lighted ones,

You are being offered a Universal integration, synthesis of you.
Each moment you are offered within the spiral of Creation, your own manifestations, moments to transcend limitation and fear from any realm, any earth lifetime, the opportunity to see, feel, know, be love, and thus then choose masterfully to co-create anew. 

We are always brought back into the loving arms of Creation. We are rich in our wonderment of being a cosmic awakened human~
Dance dear ones,dance.
Divine Mother energy in reunification of earth in a galaxy anew;
Open your Divine heart, know you are worthy of the Divine Mother to love you, to honour you, to embrace and offer you the richness of unconditional acceptance in your worthiness. 
Creation loves you,
You are a seed of Heavenly light,
Blessings and great joy,

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